Simple images
Powerful feelings
Complex emotions

Dawn, dusk, twilight
Pastel colours with no name
Golden, blue, and then
The celestial body appears
Very slowly at first

C’était la dernière page de mon livre-photos, et donc le dernier de cette série qui avait débuté le 7 janvier ici. Je devrai donc penser à quelque chose de nouveau pour mes prochains posts… Un gros merci à vous tous qui avez visité—et même aimé—ces agencements de photos et de poèmes.

This was the last page of my photobook, and therefore the last of this series which began on January 7th here. I’ll have to think of something new for my next posts… A huge thank you to all of you who visited—and even liked—these combinations of photographs and poems.

Ma prairie


My Prairie

… the surrounding beauty
continually amazed in all its colours.
The fragrance of the fields
And the dampness in the air
Dazed the senses.
The sharp scent of flowering canola stood out
From the sweet smell of corn.
Yellow flowers covering vast undulated areas
At times disappeared in the shadows,
Only to re-appear in bright sunlight.
What magic the danse of colours and light!