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Happy Hump-Day

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Wednesday, hump day!
The days and the dates change
Daylight turns to night
Eventually sleep comes
Until morning sunrise and coffee
Rinse and repeat
Today feels like yesterday
Tomorrow more of the same
Each day equally surreal
Keep on going
Left, right, left, right, left
Slow down, breathe
You’ll make it

Be Positive

Easy to see the glass half-empty these days, isn’t it? That doesn’t help. Those around us need reassurance, comforting, guidance, comforting and so much more. Often, especially the young(er), all they need is someone who will listen, someone who will understand their fears and anxieties, or someone who will make them laugh, even for just a short while. We can all be one that someone.

The sun rose today
My cheeks cold in the north wind
I kept on walking

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Be Responsible

The World Health Organization emphasized a number of critical behaviours that would help stem the spread of the virus: wash your hands, practice social distancing, and stay home. Governments at all levels and health agencies have echoed these measures at every opportunity.

Why does it seem that so many people still don’t get it?

Come on folks, do your part. This virus kills.

Be responsible!

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Be Wise

It should be obvious by now that what’s going on affects all of us, the entire planet. Yet it seems that many still don’t understand that. We all have a role to play. The decisions we make affect everyone and impact the ability of those on the front lines to do their jobs.
We can all help. Make the right decisions, heed the guidance of those who lead, do your part.

If you need help, reach out for it
If you can help, step up
If you don’t know how, ask
If you can’t help, that’s ok
Don’t complicate the situation
Just don’t get in the way
Be wise.

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A Partridge Under a Fir Tree


On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me…
Six gray partridge under a fir tree

Birds flew from the rooftop
Down to the freshly fallen snow
Huddled under the cedars below
Out of the cold breeze

The whole covey soon got up
Made its way through the sun’s warm glow
To the fir tree and its shadow
Seeking a few meagre seeds

Their leader rose with a hop
The other five soon to follow
Took to the sky in quite a show
Explosion of wings, if you please


The Bison Whisperer


First, at a distance, grazing peacefully on the snow-covered plain, the herd paid no attention to the visitor leaning his lens against the fence post and on the metal wire.
Then, one by one, and two by two, they walked on over, watching the curious bystanders.
In minutes, they were so close that not even just one of the magnificent bisons would fit whole in the frame.
For minutes that seemed like hours, we watched each other, with a mix of curiosity and caution, breath condensing from our nostrils in the cold air, dissipating little clouds.
Too soon, it seemed, they wandered over a little farther downfield to sample the cold grass hiding beneath the unspoiled layer of fresh snow, leaving the few spectators speechless on the other side of a fence that seemed a rather futile barrier.
Candidly, the man who had stood quietly beside me turned and said: “You’re the bison whisperer.”
A shrug of my shoulders my only reply. We both walked away slowly, a grin on our face. Nothing more needed to be said.