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Dinner Time


With the ground still frozen, those juicy earthworms are a few weeks away yet. The robins had to dine on last fall’s choke cherries that never fell off the branch. Better than nothing I guess.
A week later, there were no choke cherries to be seen on any branch in the neighbourhood.



A couple of Canada geese wait patiently for the ice to melt

Thawed by the sun’s rays
The ice on the lake
Turned a dark green colour
Needed only a few days
Of winter taking a break
To reveal the grey water

Emerging from the haze
Shake, shiver and shake
Can’t help but wonder
Maybe we can find ways
For icy blue hearts to awake
And beat even stronger

On the Fence

Male wood duck on my backyard fence

You can imagine my surprise when a couple of beautiful and colourful wood ducks landed in my backyard, on top of my shed. They checked out the area, looking for a suitable nesting spot maybe, then inspected the fence. After 30 minutes of looking around, they flew away. They probably didn’t like the neighbours.

A wood duck couple on top of my backyard shed

Singing New Life

Yellow-rumped Warbler among blossoms

Winter’s cold breath has vanished
Almost (fingers crossed…)
The sun’s warm rays waken nature
Birds flock with urgency to the area
Nesting sites at a premium
We can tell from all the chirping
Buds emerge with radiant colours
Competing with last season’s hanging fruit
That still attract the robins
Before the ground begins to thaw
Liberating earthworms and other bugs
Meanwhile songbirds bring happiness
Warblers warble and song sparrows sing
Singing new life in the neighbourhood
Alas only temporarily
Until they fly north for summer
Where bugs are aplenty


A Partridge Under a Fir Tree


On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me…
Six gray partridge under a fir tree

Birds flew from the rooftop
Down to the freshly fallen snow
Huddled under the cedars below
Out of the cold breeze

The whole covey soon got up
Made its way through the sun’s warm glow
To the fir tree and its shadow
Seeking a few meagre seeds

Their leader rose with a hop
The other five soon to follow
Took to the sky in quite a show
Explosion of wings, if you please