String of Pearls

Version 2
Nature’s very own jewels.

You never put yourself on display
Simply for my viewing pleasure
Shape, sound, colour, movement, texture
Each with a unique purpose, for sure.

Your beauty resplendent, stunning
Often imitated, seldom mastered
All around me, generously offered
Precious and fragile, too easily altered.

I lose myself in your warm embrace
Breathe in your perfume, intoxicated
Stare endlessly at your magic, defeated
This string of pearls for another, knighted.

Swallowed by the Ocean

SD2_ (368 of 1361)

Surf’s thunderous crashes, deafening
Crests lit by waning rays, shimmering
You ventured ever further, terrified
Stood, fell, emerged, froze, petrified

Held your breath, closed your eyes
Disappeared, an instant
You were gone, a moment
Lost, an eternity

On the sand, the wave died at my feet
On the edge, gold sliver, incomplete
We both watched with emotion
The sun sink in the ocean.