Be Curious

We are bombarded with information about all that is happening to us and around us. Trying to separate truth and facts from fiction and bullshit can be a rather daunting and overwhelming task. It is normal to seek to understand and keep up with the events that unfold at the speed of sound; a lifetime zoomed by in the past ten days, it seems.

Read, listen, watch, and connect with others. Talk about things, ask questions. Knowing and understanding will help us deal with the fear and anxiety that are normal in times such as these, and make better decisions.

Go ahead, be curious.

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Be Positive

Easy to see the glass half-empty these days, isn’t it? That doesn’t help. Those around us need reassurance, comforting, guidance, comforting and so much more. Often, especially the young(er), all they need is someone who will listen, someone who will understand their fears and anxieties, or someone who will make them laugh, even for just a short while. We can all be one that someone.

The sun rose today
My cheeks cold in the north wind
I kept on walking

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Be Responsible

The World Health Organization emphasized a number of critical behaviours that would help stem the spread of the virus: wash your hands, practice social distancing, and stay home. Governments at all levels and health agencies have echoed these measures at every opportunity.

Why does it seem that so many people still don’t get it?

Come on folks, do your part. This virus kills.

Be responsible!

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Be Wise

It should be obvious by now that what’s going on affects all of us, the entire planet. Yet it seems that many still don’t understand that. We all have a role to play. The decisions we make affect everyone and impact the ability of those on the front lines to do their jobs.
We can all help. Make the right decisions, heed the guidance of those who lead, do your part.

If you need help, reach out for it
If you can help, step up
If you don’t know how, ask
If you can’t help, that’s ok
Don’t complicate the situation
Just don’t get in the way
Be wise.

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Be Hopeful

It’s difficult to walk away from the newsfeed on my laptop, or to get up and walk away from the TV, when all you read and hear about is scary, frightening, depressing, and upsetting. When I do walk away, and go for a walk, the fresh air and the sunshine bring new energy, clear my mind. My heart beats a little faster. I forget about life for a while, or maybe I really live for a short while, until it grabs a hold of me again.

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Focus on the positives
While some people still seem oblivious to this crisis
And to the risks it poses to all of us
Others shine by their courage and dedication
They do more than their part to get all of us through this
We can follow their example
Heed their advice
Do our part
Be hopeful
It will all work out