Star Recognition

Looked out my window early this morning.
I rubbed my eyes…
Clear skies,

Are you up for a little star recognition?
Do you know this constellation?
Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Saiph, Rigel, and its belt, and more…
If you guessed Orion,
You would be right on!



But not really…

In due time the seeds will fly
Most finding inhospitable ground
A lucky few landing on welcoming soil
Allowed to grow and flourish
To provide a lasting supply of Asclepias
A garden for Monarch butterflies.

The leaves of Asclepias species are the only food source for monarch butterfly larvae.

Did you know that milkweed is grown commercially, mainly in the valley of the St-Lawrence River (in Québec)? Its silk is used to manufacture thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and oil absorbents. (Wikipedia)