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Shining Through


The moon rose slowly
A thin crescent only
Like a wink from an eye
The same usual dance
Only I found the patience
To watch it climb up high

Until this strange bird up high
Traced a path across the sky
Obscuring the space between me and you
For a moment only
Carried away softly
Letting you shine through

Où vas-tu ?


Where you went?

Feet sinking in snow
I turn around, double back
Tell me! Where you went?

I know what you’re thinking: “This is poor grammar!” And you would be correct to think that, but for the fact that it is intended. There’s a story, of course.
Our family camped for the night many moons ago. I woke at first light, quietly exited the tent, and went for a walk. My four-year old daughter greeted me behind the screen door upon my return:
“Where you went, dad?” she asked, to which I replied, eager to correct her grammar, “Where did you go?” placing the emphasis on the word “go.”
“I didn’t go anywhere,” she answered with her hands on her hips, and a broad smile on her face. My wife, my seven-year old son, and I broke into laughter at once; my daughter grinned through the screen.
I should have known better… Since then, “Where you went?” means something quite special.