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Double Vision

Bighorn sheep on the Cove-to-Lake trail, La Quinta, CA

I couldn’t believe my eyes
This trail never disappoints
Look out! my hiking mate warns
Over there, a couple of bighorns
She raises a finger and points
Even looks like this one smiles

Nothing Lasts Forever

Bee on a wildflower_1
A bee with worn wings collects pollen on a wildflower in the desert

You emerge with brand new wings
But how will you learn to fly?
You’ll know how to use these things
And soon take to the sky

Fly you will for miles and miles, nature’s wonder
Stopping here and there on colourful flowers
To collect pollen, the sole mission of a forager
Your calling for maybe a thousand hours

Day after day, all of this flying
High and far, there is no denying
Your worn and tattered wings a sure sign
That soon you’ll reach the end of the line

Bee on a wildflower_2
Worn out wings signal the end is near for a bee.

Happy Earth Day!

Sand blazing star (Mentzelia involucrate) on a Coachella Valley Preserve trail

Beautiful flowers bloom in the harshest of places
Only needing a sprinkle of water and heat
To spring right out of sand and stones.
Colours transform a dreary and drab landscape…
What could bloom from this harshest of situations
And make the world a better place?
Happy Earth Day!


1,109 Palm Springs_2020 (383 of 658)
The International Space Station zooms above Mars and Jupiter (and Saturn in the palm tree) in the Milky Way in the southern sky before sunrise

I can’t help but wonder
About life beyond this coronavirus
One thing I know for sure
Below Scorpion and Sagittarius
Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will still align

Some day, soon, just another headline
Promising, joyful, mysterious
Proclaiming “We found a cure!”
Will we choose then to be oblivious or curious?
I can’t help but wonder