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Happy Mother’s Day


The love of a mother
Is like no other
Years may go by
But [her] love will not die

Tears a mother has cried
Of joy and of sorrow
With children by her side
Will have dried come tomorrow

With kids old or young
Bonds ever so strong
The love of a mother
Will last forever


Dinner Time


With the ground still frozen, those juicy earthworms are a few weeks away yet. The robins had to dine on last fall’s choke cherries that never fell off the branch. Better than nothing I guess.
A week later, there were no choke cherries to be seen on any branch in the neighbourhood.



A couple of Canada geese wait patiently for the ice to melt

Thawed by the sun’s rays
The ice on the lake
Turned a dark green colour
Needed only a few days
Of winter taking a break
To reveal the grey water

Emerging from the haze
Shake, shiver and shake
Can’t help but wonder
Maybe we can find ways
For icy blue hearts to awake
And beat even stronger