Another Year

Another year gone by,
One that won’t soon be forgotten.
Not because it was a year to remember,
At least not like the others.
More like the year to forget.
We’ll recall 2020 for what it did to us.
Not the year, but the virus.
We should endeavour to be better…
Better prepared.

What will tomorrow bring?
A new day.

A Strange Year

The year 2020 was definitely a strange one…
It started pretty much like the previous year but things changed in a hurry at the end of March: hand-washing, mask-wearing, social-distancing, isolating… The words were everywhere: pandemic, COVID, coronavirus… Then more words: frontline workers, healthcare workers, essential workers, heroes…
Summer provided somewhat of a reprieve. Then came a COVID-19 autumn with its lockdowns and escalating numbers.
More chaos.
I noticed that even the animals looked at us kinda strange, almost asking “Eh! What’s going on?
Yes, it has been a strange year.

Super Lune

Pink Supermoon (34 of 65)
Last month’s pink Supermoon (April 7th, 2020)

There’s a certain serenity and sense of security
Sitting in the front row of a lunar spectacle
And watching it unfold as it should be
A feeling so special and absolutely unforgettable

What if the moon got stuck, forever casting shadows
Stopping todays from becoming tomorrows
Thankfully we don’t have to worry about such a thing
We can all get up early and see the sun rising


Nothing Lasts Forever

Bee on a wildflower_1
A bee with worn wings collects pollen on a wildflower in the desert

You emerge with brand new wings
But how will you learn to fly?
You’ll know how to use these things
And soon take to the sky

Fly you will for miles and miles, nature’s wonder
Stopping here and there on colourful flowers
To collect pollen, the sole mission of a forager
Your calling for maybe a thousand hours

Day after day, all of this flying
High and far, there is no denying
Your worn and tattered wings a sure sign
That soon you’ll reach the end of the line

Bee on a wildflower_2
Worn out wings signal the end is near for a bee.

Capturing the Moment, by Daniel Perron