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Happy Mother’s Day


The love of a mother
Is like no other
Years may go by
But [her] love will not die

Tears a mother has cried
Of joy and of sorrow
With children by her side
Will have dried come tomorrow

With kids old or young
Bonds ever so strong
The love of a mother
Will last forever


Strung Up


Inseparable hopeful desperadoes
Because together we make music
Always glad for one more song
Never tired just to play along
Exhausting the same worn-out lick
Zigzagged in reverberating echoes

Accomplice, you urge me on
Romanticizing the thrill of the stage
Trusted companion through major chords and minor keys
Carried along too many hopeless ballads and country ditties
Occasionally transcending the notes and the melodies
Revealing more than what’s on the page
Exposing the musician’s obsession