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You leave me…


What could I say that wouldn’t fall short
Of describing your true beauty, softness, and elegance
Staring longer would only draw me further away from reality
Lost in thoughts, imagining, forgetting who, what, where we are
Nevertheless, for this fleeting moment, I found myself
Searching for words to describe a feeling, but failed
Some things better remain unsaid, some words unspoken
A thought came to mind as I walked away
I just kept going quietly
We both knew
Enough said

Can’t See the Forest…


… for the tulips.

I know, it’s not how the saying goes. “You can’t see the forest, for the trees,” is the more common expression. But I couldn’t help myself. With my lens at ground level, surrounded in red and white flowers reminiscent of the Canadian flag, among green leaves and stems, I realized I could no longer see the thicket of cedars a few feet beyond. I smiled and thought of this overused idiom, amused. I could no longer see the forest for the tulips…

Maui Flora: Pua melia (Plumeria)

Maui (529 of 2119)

Hawaiian islands abound with lush vegetation and colourful flora. From the thousand-limbed banyan tree to the dreamy fragrance of plumeria, from dense bamboo forests to multi-coloured varieties of hibiscus, from the macadamia plantations to the cone ginger flowers, from the… you get the idea. Today’s first instalment of the Maui Flora: the plumeria, symbol of the “romantic tropics.” Once you’ve allowed the scent of a plumeria to enchant you, you will never forget the experience or the perfume.

Plumeria blooms are found in flowering bushes or on the tips of the branches of a leafless tree. The flower is used extensively in the composition of the Hawaiian lei, and worn as a single bloom in a woman’s hair, behind the ear: the right ear if she’s “taken,” the left is she’s “available.”

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