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Flowers_Jul17 (58 of 96)

Hot sunny days
Gave way to moist windless nights
Millions of minuscule droplets
Condensing on her skin
For the lucky to admire
In the soft early-dawn light
Tiny goosebumps like shimmering gems

The gentle morning breeze
Had dried some petals already
Creating silky duvet-covered pastel-coloured petals
Reminiscent of the fine hair on the nape of your neck
Your intoxicating perfume
Made me giddy
How to take it with me
Steal it until the end of time
Inhaling endlessly
A futile effort; my lungs filled
Sniffing repeatedly only made me light-headed

One last breath
Reaching the depths of my body
One more look
Imprinting every inch of my soul
I fear your colours
Will have long faded
And your petals floated to the ground
When I return
Alas too late to see you again

Stop, and Smell the Roses

Flowers_Jul17 (62 of 96)

On my way somewhere
—we’re all on our way somewhere, whether we like it or not—
I decided to stop,
not because it was part of the plan,
nor did I have anything specific to do there.

I stopped just to stop,
to have a look,
and to slow down.
I’ve done this often.

I love the effect it has on me…
Never disappointed.