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Nuts! This Takes Skill

Red squirrel carrying two walnuts.

This little guy has been on a mission, harvesting the walnuts from our neighbour’s tree, and stashing them in a few choice spots. This morning, he decided to take double-bites. Maybe he knows something… One thing’s for sure, he does not appreciate competition.


Under Attack

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Tri-colored bumble bee (Bombus ternarious) gathering nectar on a Heliopsis helianthoides or Oxeye (False) Sunflower

They come and they go
Buzzing, Taking, and Going
Nature never sleeps


Size Advantage

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Enchanting colours
Attraction for all sizes
Abundance to share


Solar Eclipse

Eclipse_2017 (114 of 118)

Grey clouds gave an early, ghostly glow
Sun and moon peeked brightly, briefly, though

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Simply Amazing

Florida (492 of 555)

What if the moon got stuck, forever casting shadows
Stopping todays from becoming tomorrows
Fear not such a lasting concealment
Eclipses last but a moment


Kind and Gentle Touch


Kids chasing minnows
Noticed a snapping turtle
Wise to let her go


The Edge of the Earth

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Gentle waves lap at the beach
Then retreat out to sea slowly
Eager diners, plovers and sandpipers
Scurry about for a quick bite

All at once, it seems, the sun disappears
Drawing a straight dark line on the horizon
Separating midnight blue water
From an ever-darkening liquid copper sky

No wonder our planet was once flat
Or so our forefathers thought
Because way out there lies that boundary
Between what we see and what we must believe
The verge of consciousness, present and future
Between today and tomorrow, now and infinity

Stretched out further than our eyes can see
The last discernible word on the page
Where sailboats must surely end their voyage
Bow rising on the final whitecap, the instant
Before floating downward into the unknown
Having reached the edge of the earth…


After the Rain

After the Rain

Quick August shower
Cools a day’s activities
Not inspiration



Williamstown (10 of 51)

When the light comes on
A deep sense of inner peace
Just around the bend

Williamstown (23 of 51)