4 thoughts on “Backyard Birding, Pt. 1 – Wood Ducks”

  1. I thought Wood Ducks nest above ground. On the banks of the Assiniboine River there are wood boxes attached to tree trunks 10-15 feet above ground level. Each box has a hole in one of the walls. I’m told that Wood Ducks nest in these boxes.

    Perhaps that is what your proposed tenants were looking for…


    1. You’re absolutely right, Fraser. Nest boxes, I read, are perfect for wood ducks, whereas the nesting tunnels (the ones that look like mailboxes) are for mallards.
      A few years back, a mallard hen nested in our backyard and had a 10-chick brood, which we had to guide to the nearby (not so near) pond. We looked like the pied pipers, using the crossing guard at school time, all the way to the lake. I’m not sure I’d want to try this again…


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