Thank You Scotiabank!

I wanted to recognize the support we received from Scotiabank for Dancing Gabe: One Step At A Time. With permission, I am posting the text from an email I sent to Scott Bollman, Winnipeg District Banking Manager.

Hello Scott,
Happy New Year to you and yours!

I wanted to send a short note of thanks to you for your initiative and enthusiastic support of the Dancing Gabe: One Step At A Time project. Scotiabank was unique in its approach and definitely most effective. Your branches sold a total of 305 books and participated in the sales of a total of 966 books. Effectively, your support generated $6.00 of donations for each of these books, totalling $5,796.00 shared equally among the Jets True North Foundation, the Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation, and the Blue Bombers commitment to anti-bullying initiative for young people in Manitoba. This is simply amazing and speaks volume about your people, your organization, and their commitment to the community.

I want to highlight Susan Robert’s contribution to the project and her leadership throughout these four special months. As well, my special thanks and appreciation go to Trish Moeller for her tireless efforts, enthusiasm, and dedication—she made a huge difference! And to Pennee Kroeker for keeping track of all the numbers and helping out at the book release party.

It has been my distinct pleasure to meet the members of your team and to work side by side with everyone along the way, whether at book signing events or during my interactions with the various branches. Please accept my thanks and my gratitude. And to think that all this started from a simple coincidence encounter, on a 6:00am morning walk in July… AMAZING! (You’ll have to ask Susan about this one.)

January 12, 2016

The book’s cover. Photo by Mike Sudoma.

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