Dancing Gabe Honoured by Winnipeg Mayor with Community Service Award

There was a bit of a surprise waiting for Dancing Gabe at Winnipeg’s City Hall today.

Thinking he was meeting Mayor Bowman for lunch, Gabe made his way to City Hall and arrived right on time, as usual.
A number of journalists and cameras were already in the presentation room on the second floor by the time Gabe arrived. Very strange…just for a lunch… Of course, Gabe knew something was up when he chatted with Brian Barkley, who was also being recognized for his contributions to Winnipeg’s community. But when his mom, Angelina, and brother Rick, showed up, Gabe knew something was up. It was time for the ceremony to get under way.

Mayor Brian Bowman presented Gabe (and Brian Barkley) with the City of Winnipeg Community Service Award, recognizing Gabe’s contribution to the spirit of Winnipeg with the following words:
“Dancing Gabe Langlois is a local legend helping keep the beat to our home team spirit for three decades. Gabe inspires us everyday to remember to celebrate — to remember to dance.”

In his acceptance address, the 52-year old Gabe thanked his family and Winnipeg’s professional sports teams, and said, with a little humour and a whole lot of truth, “These have been the best 52 years of my life! It has been an amazing run.”

You gotta know, for Gabe, every day is the best day.


p.s. If you really want to know what makes Gabe so special, I guess you will have to read his biography, Dancing Gabe: One Step At A Time.

Facebook Photo Album of the Ceremony

Gabriel “Dancing Gabe” Langlois, Mayor Brian Bowman, and Brian Barkley proudly display their award certificates.

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